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Mediwatch Guardian

Medical Emergency Response Alarm

Medical Alert Systems are vital tools to help keep seniors and people with medical or health issues safe in their own homes.

Medical Alert systems can provide help 24×7 and 365 days a year with a simple press of a button worn around the neck or wrist.  They create confidence for people to live with freedom in their own home. 

It can be just as stressful for families and loved ones.

Medical alert systems, give you one less thing for you to worry about and provides that peace of mind. Medical alert system ensure that you or your loved one gets the help they need when they really need it.

Research suggests that if someone gets medical assistance within an hour after an emergency, there’s 90% chance of maintaining their current level of health. This is often called the “Golden Hour.”

A medical alert system can ensure that you or a loved one gets this rapid attention if and when it’s needed.

Latest Australian Institute of Health figures show that over 100,000 people aged 65 and over were hospitalised due to falls in 2014–15. Around 85% of these were in the home or in residential aged care.  Falls often occur from slipping, tripping and stumbling (34%).

A medical alert system gives confidence for a person to stay in their own home and peace of mind for their relatives.