Telstra Outage Notification: Impacts on Telstra 4G and 3G mobile voice and data services – 21 May, 2018

Internet networks all across the world can sometimes have planned or unplanned outages.

Recently, Telstra reported that their 4G and 3G mobile voice and data services were being upgraded to improve both the uptime, but also the monitoring of their networks e.g. providing customers with an Outage Service Status Website Page

As many of you are aware, MediWatch utilises the Telstra network for their Safety Alarms and Medical Alert Systems. However, MediWatch does have in place a 24×7 monitoring system to check for any network outages.

To keep our customers safe, MediWatch also has a system testing program which runs on a regular basis to ensure that the network connectivity to every safety alarm and medical alert system is maintained.

MediWatch recommends that their customers perform the system checks to ensure their device is working correctly. Contact Mediwatch for more information about how this system works.

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