Who benefits from using a safety alarm or medical alert system?

Been considering a Saftey Alarm or Medical Alert Solutions?
People choose these products for a variety of reasons.  Here is a list of the top 5 benefits.

1. Seniors wanting to continue independent living

It’s tough facing the realities of ageing. When parents age, their adult offspring often find themselves needing to provide advice and support to a person who used to care for them. This can make initial discussions about safety alarms and medical alert systems uncomfortable.
It is important to place emphasis that such a system can help them live at home, independently, for much longer.

2. People with disabilities or medically incapacitated (chronic illness)

Almost nine in ten older Australians have at least one long-term health condition, that is a disease or disorder that has lasted, or is likely to last, for six months or more.

The most commonly reported main conditions were arthritis and related disorders (16.0%), hypertension (9.2%) and back problems (9.2).
Any of those conditions could result in the need for emergency help through a safety alarms and medical alert systems. Such a system can also remind a person to take medication and monitor their movements.

3. Patients recovering from the hospital and at home alone

Medical alert systems can be used for short or long term use when a patient comes out of the hospital and needs time to recover at home alone.

4. Supporting victims of domestic violence or people who are frightened at home alone

A personal safety alarm can also be used by people who have experienced domestic violence or have any other fears about living at home alone. These systems can give them the confidence that help is only a ‘press of a button’ away.

5. Care Workers

Professional “care workers” are often consumed by the level of care they need to provide their clients.  When they have multiple clients, the personalisation reduces due to workload and available hours in a day. Safety alarms and medical alert systems allow them a break.  Gives them time to focus on other tasks knowing that their clients are safe and being monitored.

Considering a Safety Alarm or Medical Alert System?

MediWatch is a Canberra based solution provider of personal alarms and medical alert systems. Our products offer safety and confidence to people wanting the freedom to live independently in their own home.

MediWatch products, onsite assistance, and our 24-hour local emergency response team allow families the assurance that their loved ones are being monitored in the chance they fall, become unwell or need urgent assistance.

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