Personal Alarms provide you with safety!

It doesn’t have to be a medical emergency reason to use a personal / safety alarm.

Safety Alarms are being used by people who have experienced domestic violence or have any other fears about living at home alone. These systems can give them the confidence that help is only a ‘press of a button’ away.

Each device is programmed with your specific emergency action profile. When the button is pressed, the emergency response centre takes immediate action e.g. calls the police, security, ambulance or family/friends.

Why Personal Alarms Work

  1. Provides people with safety, confidence and independence
  2. Professional emergency response centres are monitoring systems
  3. Help is available 24 x 7 and 365 days a year
  4. Operate inside or outside around the garden
  5. Programmed to support your specific emergency response requirements
  6. Provides you with peace of mind.

We Support You

MediWatch is a Canberra based solution provider of personal alarms and medical alert systems. Our products offer safety and confidence to people wanting the freedom to live independently in their own home.

MediWatch products, onsite assistance, and our 24-hour local emergency response team allow families the assurance that their loved ones are being monitored in the chance they fall, become unwell or require urgent assistance.

What’s Included

Personal alarms come with:

  • Neck worn pendant or wrist strap (waterproof)

  • Base Station with two way communication to the emergency response centre

  • Single button alarm activation

  • Onsite installation and training

  • Device testing service

  • Monitoring reports for family

  • Works in and around your home and garden

  • 24×7 and 365 days per year monitoring

  • Inactivity sensor & lock box also available