Lock Box

Avoid Damage if a Medical emergency happens

Avoid damage to your property in a medical emergency:

Your lockbox code is securely stored at our control room. If we need to dispatch an ambulance the location and code are given to the paramedics, giving them fast easy access in an emergency.

What is a lock box?

A lock box is a secure metal strong box that stores the keys to your home, it attaches to a secured fixture externally.

You can access the keys using the correct combination code to
open the box. This code is easy to set and change when necessary to keep your home secure.

Features and Benefits:

  • Combination can be changed

  • Weather proof cover

  • Easy installation

  • Durable metal frame

  • Wall mounted or self-secure

  • Fast access in an emergency

  • Avoiding damage to your property

Easy to Use:
Simply Slide front shutter down to gain access to the dials, rotate dials to the correct combination, push the button near the dials and the cover opens allowing access.