Our clients are like family

Let us help you to help them

A bright friendly personality is an absolute must here at MediWatch we want everyone to feel welcome and supported. 

What we endeavour to offer at MediWatch is the same consultant every time.From the original email or call, installation and after sales service. 

You are known by name not as a number.We believe this makes it easier for our clients to feel more secure with their new personal/medical alarm and makes it more like old fashion service, as it used to be.

We hope you notice the kind,patient,caring & sometimes want to be comedian staff members you may come into contact with here at MediWatch, whether its from your original phone call or email to installation ,setup & after sales service.

We know that for some people getting a personal/medical alarm can be  tough, as no one wants to be told that they need to be looked after and having to face the reality of ageing.

We'll do our best to make the transition as easy as possible and take the time needed to ease into the new alarm.

Message from the the MediWatch Team!