Pendants & sensors monitored 24/7

  • Base station is activated with any Mediwatch senor or pendant 

  • Press button pendants can be worn as a necklace or watch.

  • All our pendants are water proof and can be worn in the show or bath.

  • Automatic fall sensor pendant activates alarm when sudden dramatic impact has been detected, or simply press the help button for alarm activation

  • Inactivity sensor will activate the alarm if no movement has been detected in the the allocated time programmed.

  • Smoke detector will activate the alarm if smoke is detected, monitored 24/7  

  • Its common a husband and wife have their own choice in pendent, when the alarm is activated we know which person is requiring help. 

  • When the alarm activates the signal received at the control room will display which emergency service may need to be dispatched Ambulance or Fire brigade. Police can also be requested